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Wooden Beaded Dream Catcher

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Wooden Beaded Dream Catcher Colour is blue and white with blue feathers Big size 56 cm in height 23 cm round circle.


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Dream Catchers is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. The charm was usually used for young children and hung above their cradles or beds. Native American culture believe that both good and bad dreams fill the air at night... The dream catcher acts like a spiders web by trapping the bad dreams or visions while allowing the good ones to filter through. The bad dreams caught in the web gets destroyed. When the sunlight of morning hits the dream catcher, while the good dreams filter through the feathers and gently reach the sleeping person below. Each section of the dream catcher form wholes specific meaning. The circular frames symbolises mother earth and everything that sustains life. 


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