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Hi! We are G&N.

G&N is born out of love & passion for design & simplicity by the loving BFFs, Gwen & Nahid. We started out mid 2019 & are based in Kolkata.

G&N is dealing in Fashion for Women by Gwen Smith – Home & Party Décor by Nahid Tasneem bringing beauty to people’s everyday lives.

We design with an open mind & a heart full of love to give you a finished product that speaks distinguished stylishness, artful simplicity, impeccable detailing, generous indulgence & unparalleled convenience with our hard work & passion for aestheticism to help people build their best wardrobes & prettiest homes.

The clothing line tries to speak for the inherent independence, strength & conviviality of every woman. Never a dull day, when you are wearing G&N. The home décor items are individually crafted out of metal & finished to perfection. Remember still, each piece is unique.

We deliver all over India. Come in and enjoy this unique shopping experience.
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My Story - Gwendoline Smith

G&N Fashion mainly focuses on the – Millenials as its their time to shine, and they have been doing it with ease!! They are the free spirits who have always had a different take on styling and attire and don’t shy away from making bold fashion choices. – Moms who need to be stylish yet comfortable & women over 40 who want to wear the latest fashions, while still looking age appropriate. Not to mention, the styles are equally appealing to the young women of 2019.

I would also be focusing on designs which will not only gel with the casual work environment but will look time appropriate as well –“Keeping things professional (you’re still working) but in line with the event” – Shopping for fashion on a budget!!

The Journey..

“One day, I got the divinely guided idea to share my style, its not the best but its mine and what better way to do it, by launching an online store. It helped when I expressed myself through experimenting with my style. I followed what inspired me, what felt good to my soul ever since my teens. Even though the options were minimal then and I would most times have to wear the clothes passed down from my elder sibling, which was not my style but somehow managed to make it mine J cutting the sleeves, shortening the length etc etc.. until I could afford my own! I always wear things that uplift my energy. I did not consciously realize it at the time, but for me expressing myself through my style was my way to lift myself out of my dark times. Through my style, I followed my own light to heal and become more than I was before. I recreated myself through my own personal self expression.

There are lot of competitors but I prefer not to mention them. I would not like to allow other brands to define mine. Paying too much attention to competition may cause you to lose focus on your brand.

You are born to share your brilliance. You are an expression of love and beauty. Be brave and use your style to express the truth of who you are, which is amazing.

In my opinion, fashion has no age bar, it depends on the individual on how you carry it off & feel your best in it.”

Love, – Gwen – G&N Fashion

Please do visit G&N and let us serve you, as our goal is not to impose our ideas on our customers but simply provide them what they want!!

My Story - Nahid Tasneem

“I have always had an interest in creating something beautiful and ever lasting, things that could be admired and bring a smile on a person’s face.

What better way than creating something yourself and putting it out there for many to enjoy at home, as a gift or for any occasion.

Nature is a beautiful inspiration and I thought why not recreate it in my way. Flowers are something that every one adores and so my main forte is to create beautiful and colourful flowers with materials that are everlasting and also to create art that represents our day to day life.

I am someone who loves nature and it’s beauty. So I want to add this Quality into my work as well. I love lights and fragrances which is what I want to depict in my work as well. It also gives me immense pleasure to team up with my bff Gwendoline who equally creates beautiful clothing line . Together we, G & N STORE hope to bring a difference in people’s lives…so that one can look good and as well as feel good.”

Regards, – Nahid.
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